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Our Story

Learn what we do, why we do it, who we do it for and how you can help.

The Problem

Vineland, NJ has a poverty rate of 13.7% according to the United States Census Bureau. This is well above the national average of 11.4%. Vineland is also home to an average of 135 homeless people per night as of the 2019 Point in Time Study. Of those homeless adults in Cumberland County, more than 55% identify as having a disability and 48% had no source of income. This was prior to COVID 19.


Our Impact

We ended 2021 serving the food insecure and homeless of the City of Vineland 40,116 meals averaging 3,343 meals per month. The glaring necessity of the Vineland Soup Kitchen continues to be evident in the 150 or more meals served each day. 

How You Can Help

We rely heavily on volunteers, partnerships and donations to continue providing food to those in need in our community. If you would like to get involved or support the Vineland Soup Kitchen in any way, please click below.

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